Me, Myself, and My Cream

He was a drummer in my cousin's band. Sure, he was squat and hairy, but I'll never forget that moment he professed my future. I was an awkward 13 year old trying too hard. He said, "You're gonna be a real heart breaker someday, honey. " He took a drag from his cigarette and tightened his bolo tie. I walked on clouds of confidence for months, if not years, in hopes of some truth to that conversation. It wasn't until my twenties that I had enough dates to actually consider breaking hearts. And it wasn't until my twenties that I discovered things like fearlessness, unbridled passion, and sex appeal. I know what you're thinking and no, I never worked as a prostitute. I just metamorphosized into something other than Kafka's cockroach, and I enjoyed it. But you can never truly appreciate what you had until you're standing in the checkout aisle in yesterday's pajamas, infant on hip, obligatory bags below eyes and find yourself staring at the perfectly shaped buns of some college girl in front of you. Which calls to mind a few differences between life in my twenties and life today: lingerie with snaps and flaps is now for "let downs" instead of pick ups, now I'm the one giving the lectures, "routine bedtime" is no longer an insult, and my convertible is a car seat, not a car. Oh, yeah, and the term "youth" only applies to me in the form of night cream. Here's to growing old.


Carey said...

Hey there - I think you need to store this post and bring it out in 10-15 years. You're not old yet lady (or if you are, that means I am too!)!

Anonymous said...

Rejoice in your new found maturity. I know that the woman I am now can stand much stronger and yell much louder than the teen and 20 something girl I used to be. I may have been put together somewhat better (tighter buns and great boobs) but I tell you I feel more accomplished now as a Mother and women of 30 something than every before. Enjoy the 20 something girl standing next to you in the grocery aisle for what she represents and as a great reminder of yesterdays you with all your spunk and enthusiasm, and then have some pity for her because life is so much more than looking 'perky' and being in a transition phase. Once your through the beginning of adulthood (which I believe is more about what place you are in life, than what age you are) then you have the ability to really embrace life and live it trully having a better understanding of what it is all about and what you can achieve. "Be not her friend for worlds apart are you, but neither be her enemy as she will win our vain attempt at everlasting beauty"
Your time has not come to hide as your beauty still radiates.

Gabrielle said...

Point well taken. These optimistic peers of mine obviously have the upper hand in confidence. Nonetheless, I've resolved to work on the shapeliness of my derrier just the same.