Best Posts of 2007

Happy New Year! To review the past year, I'd like to share a few of my more humorous moments, caught in text, with you. Here's one for your reading pleasure.
Hello to all my dear friends and Happy belated Thanksgiving. Seems as though our correspondence is becoming fewer and farther between...could it be the distance? the age of independence? or all the damned kids mucking up our free time? I have thought of you all lately and hope your holidays are off to a great start. I had the pleasure of observing both my side of the family and John's this past week. As often as I've alluded to the insanity of my in-laws over the years, I have to admit my side of the family (extended, that is) definitely took the cake for the most dysfunctional, wild, and completely asinine holiday behavior. Ah, it was a memorable Thanksgiving. Only two wrecked cars, a few broken dishes, one drunk recovering alcoholic aunt, five broken fingers, and a partridge in a pear tree (make that a clay pigeon smatterred all over grandpa's red tractor). Good to know that some things never change.
How does one adjust to mommyhood of two children? Vodka with your morning oj? yet? Maybe that's just me. And yes, there is a preschool out there for your oldest kiddo that's 5 days a week, 8 to 5. They'll even wave your tuition for trade in some type of labor (child?) :)
Well, for the first time in my life, my house is completely decorated, lights, wreath, and more friggin lights thanks to my hubby, Clark Griswald...and it's still November. Our tiny house by the sea looks like a temporary landing trip for Santa's Secret elves. Ho ho ho.Needless to say we're one of the last on our street to decorate for x-mas. Although we were outdone by the next door neighbor last night around 9 when the red and blue lights were flashing in her driveway (and I'm pretty sure the black boots and billy club didn't belong to Santa Claus). Yep, the better half of our domestic violence pair moved back in with a restraining order, a new bikini (for mowing the lawn, what else?) and another cat. Shit. No arrests were made this time, just a call to the local firetruck to come over and break down her back door, rescue the pets and file a missing persons report on behalf of her father in law. Great neighborhood. More news to come, I'm sure.
Okay, the sun is up and so are my kiddos. Gotta run. Happy Holidays & Merry November.

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