Cradle Crap

Both of my daughters suffered severe episodes of cradle cap. In fact, my first baby had such scaly scalp after a trip to the dry mountain air of Lake Tahoe that the sections connected to resemble more of a yellowish layer of dragon skin. When it got a little crusty a few days later one chunk on the front of her head would flap up in the wind. I brought her with me to teach a piano lesson with her "flap" and permanently traumatized a seven year old. Three years later, I introduced the same student to my second child. He took a step back, squished up his face and asked, "Uh, is her head gonna crack open like Shelby's did?"
I've learned the secret to this nasty problem. Olive oil. Rub it on with a your hands and comb out the yuck. Saturated Q-tips work well for behind the ears. Goodbye Cradle Crap. Hello grease.


JO said...

Cradle Crap indeed!! First baby didn't have it, second baby...WOW! And to add to it, he has a full head of beautiful dark hair...can you say "head and shoulders"? Not sure how the olive oil will work with the hair, but it should make it nice and shiny!!!
Also, loved the book...great ending!

pickle said...

I was just thinking about calling you with regards to the nasty cap on my sons head. I need to do something quick as my gross habit of picking my childs head while feeding him is getting out of control. I know not very nice.
Okay, but what in the world to you comb it out with? I definitely do not own a baby brush as I have the baldy boys as infants.

HM said...

Hahahahaha....love it.We were instructed by a nurse to ALWAYS comb the head (hair or not) immediately after the bath while still wet....thus far it has cured all episodes of skin shedding...the key is to actually get the comb onto a pissy, squirmy, independent toddlers scalp- good luck with that.

Gabrielle said...

I recieved so many baby beauty packs (girls, go figure) that included little plastic combs. It's a bit harsh on their skin, but it does the trick. Thank you to all for your comments! It's fun to "get mail". G