Death to the TV

Our TV was put to rest in the summer of 2004. We returned from a 6 month stint in Margaret River, West Australia, to discover closets of outdated and unwanted clothes, a dusty house, and a gigantic television we no longer cared to watch. Now, don't get me wrong, we love watching TV as much as the next American Couch Potato. But, I was 6 months pregnant and had a good 4 months of pent up nesting to unleash after living in a one room surf shack Down Under. I did not have time to waste on coaxing my tunnel-visioned husband away from a useless football game to assemble the crib, reorganize the pantry, clean out every junk drawer in the house, and yes, hand wash all the baseboards with a toothbrush (I was really nesting). Thankfully, John knew when to agree with a 200 lb. woman chock full of hormones and graciously accepted my offer to cancel the cable and use the TV set for watching movies only. When we moved into our current funky bungalow, we upgraded our "Movie Set" to a flat screen and added surround sound. We still watch a fair amount of "Movie TV" but I swear that absent cable box is the reason we've accomplished so much remodeling progress over the past year. This leads me to the topic of kids and TV. Shelby has watched every Baby Einstein, Disney, and Nickelodeon JR. movie about five thousand times in her short 3 years of life. She can actually quote Finding Nemo verbatum. I am no perfect parent. But I realized that my kid has never watched commercials. An interesting thought to ponder. We are happily enjoying our fancy Movie Screen and have no immediate plans to introduce that damned cable box to our home anytime soon. Oh yeah, the ladder is STILL in my living room.

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