Wacky Web

I just spent the last hour (truth be told, 3 hours), hopping from blog site to blog site across cyberspace. Don't ask what highly intellectual activity my children have been involved in all morning. I had some interesting thoughts as I stared into the faces of perfect strangers on my computer screen. Questions like, why do people have public blogs for completely dull topics like past political races, or graduation pictures? And, why are those men standing around naked on the beach in that picture? And why can't I be as popular as Orangette or the Gluten-Free Girl? And what kind of person posts pictures of every plate of food they've eaten over the last month? Nonetheless, I am inspired. And intimidated. It makes me reconsider the caliber of my talent when compared to some of these bloggers, naked men excluded. Check out these inspiring women, orangette.blogspot.com and glutenfreegirl.blogspot.com. Very cool.

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