Sharing a Room: The Secret To My Success

When we moved from our 4 bedroom track house to the postage stamp bungalow last year, John and I agreed that 2 kids was our new limit.
When the inevitable question arose, sometimes daily, "What are you going to do with TWO kids in ONE bedroom?" I always rolled my eyes and haughtily answered, "SHARE, it's a growing trend in third world countries. Heard of it?" Final last words.
After 5 months of juggling two fashion fiend, shoe collecting girls in one room (okay, maybe that has something to do with mommy), here's some of my own tips and tricks:
#1. WHITE NOISE: We already burned up one humidifier testing this theory. The key is to buy the ones that don't require water to run their fan.
#2. BLACK OUT BLINDS. A darkened room is definitely where its at. Money well spent.
#3. CLOSET ORGANIZERS. I don't have them, but I definitely need them.
#4. CURTAINS FOR CLOSET DOORS. They are always closed and therefore help to make the bedroom look tidy. Kids can slip behind them to get into their stuff, hold a puppet show, play beauty runway, whatever, I don't have to look at it.
#5. REALISTIC GOALS. Coughing, wheezing, and wake ups mean it's time to split the parents and kids. Daddy goes to the sick room, Mommy needs her rest.
#6. MATTRESS SPACE. Don't even think about putting your toddler in one of those cute little mini-beds with her old crib mattress. What it comes down to is this: if you don't want your kid sleeping in your bed with you, you better be sure you can sleep in their bed with them.
#7. SLEEP CIRCUS...you know the nights, when they come in your room 3 times before you give in, get in your bed, get out of your bed, want you in their bed, don't want you, want daddy, etc.
#8. DOOR MIRRORS. If you're like us and have those ghetto fabulous hollow doors, hanging a decent full-length mirror on one side seems to work well as a sound barrier. I know, hanging a heavy glass object at guillotine height in your child's room may sound a bit iffy. It's ONLY a suggestion.
#9. FAITH. I believed my kids could share for the simple truth that I had no other choice, and inevitably, they have learned to sleep through eachother's nighttime noises.
#10.TIME. 5 months down, 17.5 years to go.

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