Today, I believe in superheroes. I recently embarked on a mommy & kid's field trip with some friends. During our picnic lunch I engaged in conversations regarding hot topic politics, enhanced organic cooking, and new year's resolutions that would make Gandhi blush. Stay at home moms gone wild. These women were serious about shaking up the world "one toddler at a time". Running marathons for a cause, pledging to be even more involved as a stay at home parent (above & beyond the sacrifice of just "staying home"), infusing their pancakes with spinach and wheat germ???? These people are possessed by goodness. Call Matt Lauer! Call Oprah! Get these women a cape & some stilettos! Today my girlfriend told me she wants to convert to cloth napkins at all her family meals. Laundry is laundry, what's 3 more squares in the load every day? She's right, you know. She was also the only woman I know who said she would use cloth diapers with her first child and actually did. We'd all like to think we can be easier on the environment until it comes to scrubbing & scraping poop with our bare hands. The buck has to stop somewhere. Tomorrow I'm going to be a superhero, cape and all.

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