Truths and Dares

So at the end of the day, I think I have reached my full potential as a wife, mother, and today, real estate sales person and property manager. Yes, there were setbacks, time outs, a little screaming, I did actually have to hang up on my realtor mid conversation because my daughter was performing her Mr. BoJangles Act on the tambourine, screaming like a banshee, and running dangerously fast circles around the baby lying on the floor. But all in all, I think I did a damn good job changing hats...today. On MY list of accomplishments??? I took my daughters for a walk (both girls and the dog) before they melted down - this usually occurs by 10 if we have not left the house. Ran advertisements for a recently vacated rental house I manage, which meant another dreaded phone conversation that left a window of opportunity for an encore performance. Successfully avoided the laundry. Saved a horrifically pooped on onesie (let it be known that my kids are true marksmen in the art of baby blowouts and we do frequently cut clothes off the kids "paramedic style" to save the child from their own nasty mess). Coordinated and gently guided John to a reasonable agreement on a counter offer on the sale of our former residence. Another phone conversation, another tambourine performance. Taught my daughter how to obey a timeout without laughing at her (why do I get the giggles every time my kid's in trouble?). Bought myself a new sweater sans guilt and admitted the purchase to my husband without hiding it in the closet (he won't notice the blouse and two pairs of shoes I slid under the bed until next month, phew). Rewind, SHOPPED with two children. Smiled AND kissed my husband when he walked in the door half an hour late. Made not one, but two nutritious, semi-edible dinners...and you're wondering what the hell could I have made in 1 hour that fills the dinner ticket for two nights??? If I tell you, I'll have to kill you. Okay, lasagna and a pot of chili beans.
Both kids asleep by 8. Now, if I could just get the ladder and the mitre saw out of my living room, initiate sex with my husband, and win the lottery, my day would be complete. Goodnight.

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