Wet Windows, Oh Shit

So I knew the window salesman was shady. AND, I knew he was incompetent when they installed all new windows & doors in our house the week of Christmas and FORGOT to order any trim. You know, the little strips of wood that block the quarter inch gaps all around the window frames? Yep, it happened to be the coldest week in history and we spent our first Christmas here in a holy house. Jesus, Joseph, and Mary woulda been better off seeking shelter on the beach than in our windy barn. So the trim came 3 days late, the bill came discounted(damn straight). And tonight's windy rainstorm was perfectly entertaining until I stepped in a pool of water in my living room. Holy shit.
Brand new teak wood flooring, fresh drywall hung, textured, and painted by yours truly, and new f@!%$ing windows that are seeping water like Niagara Falls. By the way, when you Google "leaking windows" it only gives you polite long term solutions, not emergency quick fixes for moments like these when you can't sop the water up fast enough to avoid it running into your walls, absorbing into your concrete foundation and traveling down every plank of beautiful exotic wood. Let it be known that John walked in the house at this particular moment, calmly listened to me hyperventilate as I recapped my discovery, and silently walked to the liquor cabinet to pour two very stiff cocktails. I knew I married this man for a reason.
With drinks in hand we reexamined the damage and came up with a solution not even Google could offer. Please see pic below. Hope this holds while we finish the bottle of Vodka and revisit in the morning. Cheers


JO said...

NO!!!! I can't believe it! If it makes you feel any better, we have lived on our house for over a year and just discovered our roof leaks! Right over my desk...wet paper, not as bad as your beautiful teak, but i feel your pain. Cheers! JO

Twisted Sista said...

That's a great patch by the two of you, 2 stiff cocktails, a sponge, some tape and off to bed. Your window guy sucks! discount....great....but what about your wood floor damage, drywall damage...the window company should be responsible for damages as well. Good luck with the remodel. Have a great day! TS- guess who :)