Are you there God? It's me, Margaret

I read this book when I was in the sixth grade. I remember nothing about it besides the fact that it addressed puberty and the awesome title. I like to use it in conversation. I have been sulking around all week since I received news that my Advertising account had been revoked. I am waiting for the Google police to knock on my door, handcuff me and haul me away to some cyberjail. "Tell my girls Momma loves 'em!" There are three types of people in the world, those who never break the rules (my mother), those who bend the rules, but never get caught, and those who break the rules and get caught EVERY F*&#$!ing time. I fall into the former category and my poor brother seems to be the poster child for the latter type. He can't drive and pick his nose without getting pulled over. I have managed to squeak by on my somewhat curved life line until Google found me. Damn them. Well, I just wanted you all to know that I now have no pulse on my online popularity. I have no idea who's reading. It's like writing with my eyes closed and hoping I don't crash into something. Please pass me on to your friends and neighbors. I will remain here in my cyberchair, writing away, waiting to see if anyone's out there.


Anonymous said...

I'm here! And still loving every post. Just got an email from a friend of mine, it went somthing like, "OMG I love the blog you sent me, it makes me scared to death to have kids but it cracks me up! It's like birth control." -EC

Anonymous said...

I read you everyday...love it...don't quit and I love the references to your mom, who I have loved for years. Please explain to us oldies how this blog advertising thing works...I don't get it.