I never in my life thought that being a parent constituted an "in crowd" or fashion sense. "Those people" drive mini vans, wear sweatpants and hair scrunchies for a living, right? No. The people who wander around the grocery store in their pajamas with yesterday's hairdo and a baby on their hip wore the same frazzled look on their face and flannel wardrobe ten years before, and maybe ten years before that. Minus the baby, mind you. There are mommies with style, parents with flawless hairdos, children who are groomed and decked with the latest in runway kiddie gear. It is a strange world in which we live, where the children are show pets and the parents wear Prada. Who carries a 25 lb. baby car seat in heals? She does. Who wears white linen on the day Baby has a monster green blowout? She does-and she doesn't get dirty. And she comes prepared. And no, her car is not overflowing with preschool paperwork, half the sandbox, six pairs of dress up shoes, and a few dirty diapers. I don't know who these mothers are or where they shop but I want to know their secret. I have a theory, though. Sleep. She doesn't sleep. Sleep would deter her from important agenda items like dusting her baseboards, whipping up a batch of chocolate chip cookies, applying lavish makeup, replenishing her gorgeous wardrobe and folding her husband's silk boxers. Must find her. Must learn her secrets.

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