Down Day

I think we are all having a down day. It's Monday-go figure. Earlier in the day, Shelby and I rocked out to Incubus after preschool with an ice cream cone and the wind in our hair (Ana was there, of course, providing background babble). But when we arrived home the mood turned sober, and then downright ornery. The neighbor girl got a real taste of what a "Shelby mood" is like today. All the lights were low at 6:43 and the ball finally dropped. I know this because we had not one, but two time outs leading up to this point. I officially confiscated more toys from my child than she ever knew she owned. I had been watching the clock more closely than usual as I witnessed the fall of my toddler on this historic spring day in California. 6:43 pm: let the snoring begin. And by 6:48, both kids were out. John and I looked at eachother for the first time in the evening and then looked around the house as if to say, "Now what?" And we really were at a loss for activity so I sat down to write and he headed to the coveted garage to polish his golf balls or wax his surfboards or whatever he does out there. Good night.

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