The Game

Want to see your kid glow? Really beam? Turn off the TV, set down the newspaper and play a board game with her. I watched my whining 3 year old transform into a peppy little chatterbox flitting- no. More like exploding, off the walls the moment I agreed to play her game. We started "game night" a few months ago when she got Memory for her third birthday. We somehow acquired a second game, Sequence, that I think is equally entertaining. Then Christmas rolled around and it must have been boardgame mating season because we now own about 6.

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Anonymous said...

With less then 2 minutes to go in the 4th quarter of the Superbowl yesterday a certain curly haired blonde boy who will be 3 this week asked my husband if he would like to play "Candyland" and plopped the game board on his lap, hubby couldn't refuse. It was classic!