Home And Away

Dear John,
I want you to know that while you are surfing your days away on vacation in paradise, I am here at home, working my ass off. I not only faced your week long absence with a few tricks up my sleeve to survive single parenting, I also took it upon my self to finish a few hundred things that have slipped off the "to-do list" over the past six months (that would be the day Ana was born that all remodeling and improvements to our house ceased). I won't bore you with the details but I will tell you that time is money and your money is disappearing faster than time can count these days. While you've been gone I became a born again woman. A born again woman refers to the fact that I will never again glow with a 9 month bout of hormonal bliss, and since emerging from the six month haze that baby number two cast over me, I've summoned my old womanly spirit, I've channeled my sex appeal, I've called upon your credit card for a fashion overhaul, and I've decided the house and a few major pieces of furniture needed the same treatment. I've remembered that I'm not only a mom, but a woman with a somewhat salvaged body to show off. Where was I? Oh yeah, the wardrobe, the credit card, and the household makeover items I've bought... you may never want to leave me alone with the kids for days on end again because I discovered that having two kids does not slow my shopping fervor, it just makes me - holy crap! it's 1 am. Ana is waking up. I gotta go! Have a pina colada for me, don't come home with anything less than a full stoke on the surf trip, and do notice I cut my hair. Love, G

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