The Spring Chicken Has Sprung

I loaded both kids up to take Shelby to preschool this morning and actually remembered to grab the cup of coffee of the roof of my car BEFORE backing down the driveway. Momma's gonna have a good day! I pulled into the preschool parking lot proud to be dressed in my workout clothes. Hey, everyone, take note, I'm making time for myself! Out of the corner of my eye, there was a white flash of shockingly processed hair, barbie pink lip gloss and buns of steel packed into baby blue stretch pants. Life sized Barbie was dropping her toddler off at preschool today. Where did SHE come from? Somebody call the Miss Alabama Tryouts and let them know they've misplaced a contestant. There's a new mom at preschool. She's younger. She's hotter. And she's all done up to do the drop off. DAMN! Something tells me I'm not Miss Kansas anymore, Toto.

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