The Fountain Baby Head

When Shelby was first born I took a picture of one of her greatest "infant accomplishments". My mother said I should never have done this and that it would "scar her for life" knowing that I posted it online for friends and family to see. But, how could I resist? The angle was perfect, the trajectory was nearly 4 feet, I'd never seen newborn poop spray that far or that well aimed! When Ana was born I was smarter about removing a diaper and lifting her "dangerous end" up for too long. She could still blow out a diaper like nobody's business, but Ana definitely had her own baby talent and it had to do with the curdled rejects she spewed in copious amounts with timely precision. Last night was definitely the highlight of her infant career. Shelby has been in the habit of "loving" her baby sister whenever Ana's alone without adult defense. This time it was on the sofa, Ana was lying on her back conversing with the track lighting, Shelby cut in for some sisterly affection. Next thing I know, Shelby's squealing her over dramatic cry (the higher pitched voice, the bigger bottom lip) and turns toward me with her eyes closed. Her face is dripping in white milky fluid. "She spit up in my eye!!!!!" Unreal. Impossible. Ana is on her back in a pool of wet on the sofa cushion. I walk over to inspect as John whisks Shelby away to clean up. The baby is smiling, wet, and looks as if she's just mastered her greatest "infant accomplishment".


Anonymous said...

THANKYOU for this....I think I will be giggling all day. I knew Ana had it in her...I guess the question has always been which Beckett 'end' she would choose to express it with :) Maybe you should consider this her 'Debut'.


JO said...

Love it!!!