Who's There?

I got an eery feeling when I heard the knock on the door and looked out of the window to see a very tall womanish person fidgeting on my front porch. My hand turned the doorknob before I could stop it and there before me was a red headed beanpole, scratching her arms and wearing a half top. The husky voice explained how her grandmother was making her go around to the neighbors to raise money for her high school trip. I know I have a skewed sense of my age, but this girl's Adam's Apple told me she was well past high school. I looked up at her in disbelief and then muttered something about it not being a "good time right now". I quickly shut the door and then walked to the back door to make sure it was locked, too. I went back to attempt my nap while Ana was still sleeping but my mind kept turning over the possibilities until I had convinced myself that "it" had set up camp in my garage and was holding a weirdo convention while trying on my dirty laundry and stealing my daughter's tricycle. The phone rang. "Did she just knock on your door?" said my neighbor. I admitted I had spoken to it but couldn't make out her real purpose. "Oh, that was totally a man! I already called the cops," she said. Thank goodness for women with true instincts. Cuz I don't got 'em....OBVIOUSLY. Who the hell opens the door to a perfectly larger than life stranger while home alone with an infant? What is wrong with me? The phone rang 30 minutes later to report that she/he had been apprehended and removed from the neighborhood. Phew!

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