Ask and Ye Shall Receive

Or maybe it's "Scowl at him when he takes a work related call for a weekend meeting after being gone for a week...and she shall have her way." Whatever it took, John just pulled out of the driveway this sunny Sunday morning loaded with diapers, bottles, two kids and the dog. I can't imagine how he's gonna pull off a 4 hour interview with two kids. Am I worried about it? Hell no. I'm finishing this blog, jetting off to the gym for...well, for as long as I damn feel like it (or until my ooey gooey body crumbles into a heap on the floor) and then meeting friends for a mid morning brunch complete with at least one glass of champagne. An almost complete "Me Day". The only thing that might improve this scenario would be an overnight trip with friends, a miraculous improvement to my current boobs (or lack thereof) and some great shoes.

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JO said...

Overnight trip with friends!!! Planned! Now you just have to make sure you are there...start pumping now! Check and check!