Daddy's Hair, The Saga Continues

We made a family trek to the local hardware store for a few random items, a chance to get out of the house, and the free popcorn offered on weekends (it is pretty damned good!). While John wandered around the hardware aisle, the girls and I found a display bench swing and parked ourselves for a spell. We munched our popcorn and people watched. An older gentleman meandered by with an armful of plumbing products and the obligatory bag of popcorn. "Mommy, that man has a long braid!" This was true, it was a dark blond with silver streaks cascading down his ripped "Choppers" T-Shirt. I had to add, "Yes, honey, he does have very pretty hair" as I watched him disappear behind the porcelain toilet display. "Yep," she agreed, "but Daddy doesn't have any hair does he." Well, she got me there.

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