Down and Out

I'm sure every one's given up on me by now. It's been one week of husband less survival in mommy world for me. I managed to be super mom during the week (this meant no computer, no newspaper, no evening movies, no personal time whatsoever) and traditional homemaker after hours. Every night for 7 days, while my darling husband sipped Pina Coladas and surfed all day on some remote island in the South Pacific, I diligently planned and participated in every activity known to toddler with the intent of wearing Shelby out before putting both kids down for bed and going to work drywalling my unfinished bedroom with the end result being freshly painted walls before his return. I am a closet decorator with a flair for surprises. I spring to action in his absence only. John leaves to work, I clean the house. John stays home I write, read, or lay around with the kids. John leaves, I bake and do laundry. John stays home, I drink beer and do crosswords. John leaves, I completely makeover our bedroom complete with drywall work, texturing, painting the entire room, hanging a chandelier and moving furniture. Phew. And I accomplished all of these tasks between the hours of 8 pm and midnight (or later) each night. Apparently, John casts some sort of spell over my productive spirit when he's around. Thankfully, he arrived home last night and actually noticed all the work I'd done. And sincerely looked grateful for my efforts, and then complemented me on all my work again. Then, of course, philosophically widdled down the proof to my theories: if he left more often, I'd get a lot more done around the house. Oops. It backfired. Well, regardless, I've been staring at exposed drywall in my bedroom for over a year since we replaced a small window with a large glass door. That room was due for an overhaul. My design inspiration: sexy up the room like some dark swanky boudoir straight out of the pages of West Elm. For about $350 I completed my task: Manor Grey colored Paint (a dark gray with brown undertones), Capezo Shell Chandelier, Silver bedside lamp, Champagne shag rud and a few decorating accents. I'll attach some pictures as soon as John and Shelby wake up from their mid morning slumber. Well, better run, duty calls.

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JO said...

Rock on!! That is awesome that you completed a project...my husband is leaving for a week for work plus a little play and I don't think I will accomplish anything so great...but maybe I can get my act together and paint the dining room...or maybe I will just make sure the kids get a bath at least once before daddy comes home!