Easter Do Over

We spent last weekend with my parents for a Pre Easter Celebration. My mother nicely asked if it would be okay to do a "little Easter egg hunt" while we visited. After Shelby hunted down 18 plastic eggs chock full of candy, stickers, play jewelry and socks, good old grandma followed it up with humongous gift bags stuffed with beach towels, clothes and hats for both girls. Woah. Apparently, Grandma was pretty excited about Easter.
When the real day finally arrived, Shelby awoke to a small basket of goodies and a few candy filled eggs. A hat, some socks, and some play jewelry...pretty much a repeat of everything her grandmother had lavishly spoiled her with last weekend. She surveyed the loot, checked her little sister's even tinier basket for anything more impressive and then stated, "But I didn't get much for Easter today!"
I can't wait to hear what she says to John's mom at our Post Easter dinner tomorrow night.

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What's up with the 4 seductive pictures???