Fast Meals

I am not a great cook. I get by. I burn half of it, and the other stuff is usually edible. My husband has the good sense to never complain (he cooks every third blue moon). And I do have my standards...my mom's Spaghetti recipe,Take Out Sushi, Tri-Tip in the crockpot, and pizza, delivered. I have come to grips with my mediocrity in the kitchen and so has my family. But I still have a few tricks up my sleeve. Over the years I've come to scrutinize Trader Joe's easy meals and here are a few of my favorites:
Green Curry Sauce in the glass jar, add some Chicken or Shrimp and veggies and Voila! Spicy!
Cacciatore Sauce over baked Chicken, yum.
17 Bean and Barley Soup, dried in a bag, I like to add diced ham or soft cooked bacon.
Annie's Mac N Cheese and meatless Corn dogs (frozen)
Italian Meatloaf, from the refrigerated section.
Stuffed Red Peppers, near the meatloaf. These were a great serving size before the kids consumed real food. Now it's pricey to buy two packages at $5 for two stuffed halves.
Black Bean & Cheese Burritos, near the meatloaf. I freeze these to use for quick lunches.
Asian Salad with all the fixin's in the bag (mandarins, crunchies, almonds & dressing), I add chicken for a light meal.
I'd love to hear of any other Trader Joe's Meal savers if you have any additions!


Anonymous said...

Trader Joes Chicken Fajitas..frozen in a bag! I cook up an extra chicken breast to dice and toss in if I have time. Serve with tortilla's and TJ's guacamole. I keep a bag on hand always, and a container of guac. in the freezer since this is about the only meal the hubby can make. A little spice, lots of veggies, very quick! -EC

JO said...