Kids say the Darnedest Things!

I had just finished another rushed shower. You know, the ones where every worst case scenario runs through your head. I did the infamous speed scrub and skipped the conditioner (again) while I pictured my toddler writing all over the walls with her purple marker and mashing chocolate kisses into the rug, dragging the baby around the room by one ankle like she does her dolls, and then unlocking the back door to let in a band of traveling gypsies who raid my house and steal the kids. I grabbed my towel and ran through the house to check on the girls... who didn't even notice me as they bounced along to Barney Tunes and rolled blocks around the floor in their room. PHEW! I returned to my bedroom to find something to wear when suddenly, two tiny hands gripped my bare butt cheeks. Shelby had entered the building. "Mommy," she said, squeezing with one hand, and then the other, "it's like jelly!"

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JO said...

Nice!!! Gotta love the ego boost, right?!?!