Moving On

My Angry Phase has come to an end. And no, this doesn't mean that my husband is healed, or helping with the kids. I'm just tired of the negative energy. So, I headed out today for some retail therapy and an attempt to accomplish little else. But, of course, the mommy in me rolled in one minor errand, the simple task of returning a defunct video camera to Best Buy. Easy enough. I loaded the kids up to drop Shelby off at preschool before heading out for a day of shopping. I arrived at Best Buy, landed the perfect parking spot, and unloaded the baby. When I reached for the camera, Oh Shit. The camera. I remembered the lunch box, Shelby's share book, the baby diapers, breast pads, pacifier, car seat. I FORGOT THE F*&#$ing CAMERA!

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JO said...

Arrgghh! I hate it when I do that, which is every week. I buy milk in glass containers that have to be returned and I forget the EVERY time I go to the store for milk! I feel your pain!