My Funny Little Valentine

I wonder what my days would be like without the humor of my children. Today, Shelby rode her little red tricycle around the driveway growling out a conversation with her make believe friends, Jeremiah and Hannah. Her low, husky voice could be heard as she chatted away, "I'll meet you on the purple road, okay, Jeremiah? And you can follow, follow, follow me right down this streeeeett!" I watched her little feet speed-pedal those tiny wheels as she cranked the handlebars and whirled around the driveway in the sun. Then, as she pulled away toward the garage she made a low ringing noise, "Brrrrngg! Brrrrnnngg!" and reached back into the trunk of her trike without looking back. Pulling a purple sippy cup out, she placed the nipple top into her ear and said, "Hello? Oh Hannah! I'm on my way! Okay, Bye Bye!"

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JO said...

That's awesome! Where did she come with Jeremiah?