Our Less Than Quiet Street

John and I were headed to a wine pairing dinner at Papillon Restaurant in Los Osos for a much needed date night. I could hardly believe we were actually going out to a restaurant full of adults as I slipped my freshly painted toenails into my peephole red high heels. Lipstick, perfume, coat, kiss the girls goodbye and wish the sitter luck. We pulled away from the house and immediately noticed a red car parked in front of our yard. Seeing as nearly every house on our block is either vacant, empty, or vacant, this makes visitor's cars rare. We stared down the middle aged red headed man seated in the driver's seat. "What the hell is that guy doing?" I asked. "I don't know," John said as he slowed the car to snail pace, "but, it's probably not good." I fought the urge to turn the car around, dismiss the babysitter and call off our plans. So I called our neighbor instead. Her daughter was watching our kids, and I asked her to keep an eye on this creepy guy. "I'm calling the cops," she replied after confirming the creepy guy and his car were still there. "Okay, call me back," I said, hanging up. We pulled up to the restaurant and my phone rang again. The neighbor was talking before I said Hello, "Well, you're missing the drama! The cop pulled up and told creepy guy to stay in his car and then ordered him to keep his hands on the wheel and hold still while he called for backup! It's crazy, the cop is poised in the street with his hand on his holster and the radio in his hand. Oh, and don't worry, I talked to the kids, they're fine and all the doors & windows are locked." Oh my god, my babies are in the house just a stretch of lawn away! John disappeared into the restaurant to get a table while I anxiously awaited more news. Talk about starting the night off with a little anxiety! Long story short, the backup arrived, the guy was detained for driving with an expired license and he claimed to have broken down there. Hmm. Well, all's well that ends well, I suppose.

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JO said...

It has to be because you live so close to the beach, but you have a lot of craziness on your street!