I've spent the past two days visiting the local hospital where my newest nephew was born. This amazing event just never gets old. New life, brand new life is such a wonder. And the sight of those teeny tiny feet, that red fuzzy skin, the perfect lips just brings me right back to the very moment my own girls were born. The relief of their arrival, the joy in their first cry, the emotion of feeling that little body up close for the first time on the outside of me instead of the inside. That first diaper change...peee U! Well, I look at my own kids now 3 years old and 7 months and I must admit I can't believe where the time has gone. I remember the day we brought each of them home from the hospital. Our very first time leaving the hospital with Shelby we spent an hour in the parking lot trying to figure out the damned car seat! No one told us how tricky those things are and we, of course forgot to install it before we actually had the baby. John and I were sweating bullets in the midday heat bent over in the backseat of our car grumbling at each other under our breath. Don't tell anyone, but we finally agreed to just attach it the best we could and then I rode in the back seat and held on to Shelby in her car seat with white knuckles and clenched teeth the whole way home! By the time baby #2 arrived, we were old pros. We were no longer nervous about the car seat, or changing diapers, or getting up in the middle of the night, in fact, we weren't nervous about Ana at all, we were, once again nervous about Shelby and if she would accept or reject her little sister. Well, it's all water under the bridge now. Life has adjusted itself, as it so often does, and we look ahead to other challenges, like learning to ride a bike, multiplication, jr. high, dating!

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