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There comes a time in every child's life when they begin to explore their own bodies, discover various orifices of interest, and subsequently revisit the aforementioned crevices at the worst possible times. Shelby's most recently mastered the art of picking her nose. She does it when it's snotty, when we're at a nice restaurant, when she poses for a picture and when she's bored. When I catch her "digging for gold" I will ask her to stop picking her nose. Her dad tells her that if she keeps it up a sharp-toothed snail will bite off her finger. Neither approach has deterred her from continuing to practice her new habit. Most recently she will plunge her little finger into her nostril and as soon as I make eye contact with her she'll duck behind her sippy cup or look away until she's satisfied her endeavor. As long as she can't see me, toddler invisibility rules still apply and technically, I can't see her, right? Today, we were sitting on her bed while I changed Ana's diaper and when I looked up, Shelby was inspecting a gigantic brown booger perched on the tip of her finger. Before I could react, she looked at me and smiled, "Mommy, can I eat it?"

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Anonymous said...

Make sure she doesn't master the art of sticking things up her nose, like for instance beads. It can be done, I have the doctor bills to show for it!