Absence & Autopilots

We were waiting for our table at the beachside taco stand when I handed off the baby and made my way toward the bathroom. Nearly there, I stopped dead in my tracks. Oh my god, I'm going to the bathroom alone and I didn't ask my daughter if she needed to go. I actually thought about me, just me. I made a mental note of my new found independence and then turned around to go back for my toddler. My Auto Pilot is out of commission today. I spent 29 glorious hours away from my kids and husband and I have completely forgotten how to be a mom. It's great! After an overnight trip with my wonderful friends doing all the things we do best (shopping, eating, talking, shopping, eating and more talking) I arrived home to a tidy house, two happy kids, their doting father looking hot as usual, a carload of new clothes and shoes all for me, a refreshed sense of self, and a renewed love for my family. On a typical outing it's all about them, hubby needs new socks and a Dr. appointment, Ana needs more diapers, a trip to the park for Shelby, don't forget to take the dog to the vet, followed by a balanced meal, bath time and book reading all provided by yours truly. But not this weekend! This weekend was all about me, what I wanted, my needs. What do I want for lunch? Which shoes do I need? Where do I want to shop next? What time do I want to get out of bed for coffee? I came home three hours late and John didn't bat an eyelash. I came in $200 over budget and he didn't care. I arrived at dinnertime and he suggested the local taco stand. Oh, what a perfect end to a perfect weekend. And while we were at dinner my mommy radar was totally off. I babbled on about all the interesting things I did while Shelby ate more chips than normally allowed. I didn't notice, nor did I care. I chatted about the funny moments while my toothless baby stole chips off the table and sucked off the salt. Normally a no no, but not tonight. I gazed at my husband and kept the thank you's coming. And we arrived home to a clean kitchen and a floor clear of dinner crumbs. To all those that made this possible; the makers of Similac, Taco Temple Restaurant for the perfect end to a perfect day, Russia and their Vanilla Vodka, Best Western Hotels for an all night hot tub that tolerates skinny dipping, Nordstroms for crazy sales racks and awesome shoes, Medela for their efficient, though noisy, breastpumps, my amazing circle of friends and their strategic planning, my two beautiful daughters, (faint music) and most of all, my incredibly supportive and totally hot husband. (More music, louder)I thank you all (cut to commercial).

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JO said...

I had the best time too!! My husband also kicked some serious booty while we were enjoying ourselves and switched the furniture in the two rooms that I wanted done and was pretty sure my exhausted and (I will freely admit) hungover ass was going to have to help with when I got home! But I actually got to take a nap and then he made dinner!! While far too tired to give him his gift last night...I am even more excited now to do so now that I didn't have to move furniture! Cheers and thanks for the cocktail...I still like it!