Colorful Deposits

***WARNING*** If you are easily offended by potty talk, DO NOT CONTINUE READING***
When I walked into Shelby's preschool to pick her up, she met me at the door with hot pink lips, a hot pink smile and a hot pink tongue. "Mommy, it was Chloe's birthday and we got to have cupcakes!" They weren't hot pink, were they? This little after school exchange was forgotten until today when Shelby called from the bathroom yelling, "Mommmmyyy! Come see my poopy!" I arrived to discover a hot pink poo floating in the bowl.
This reminded me of a similar story when I left Shelby with my parents for a weekend and she came home pooping green. I called my mom to inquire of Shelby's diet while she was away and all my mom could come up with was hot dogs, juice boxes (we'll talk about this later, Mom), and fruit snacks. My mother protested, "But, honey, I bought the ones that said 100% fruit! They're all natural. There's nothing bad in them!" I have to give my mom a little credit here because I know she tried to do the right thing. But keep in mind, this is the woman who recently realized that cheddar cheese shouldn't really be orange. "Mom, last time I checked, fruit doesn't miraculously shape itself into rubbery characters from Dora Explorer and come in bright blue and yellow." After she recounted the last two days, revealing that Shelby had, in fact, eaten over 7 packs of fruit snacks in 24 hours, she hurriedly went to get the package to read the ingredients. "Corn Syrup, sugar, yellow dye #2...." Because there were no green fruit snacks, we deduced that it had to have been the Blue Doras and Yellow Backpack shapes that Shelby ate to create Electric Green poop.

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