A Fashionable Moment In Mommy World

Life in mommy world has resumed normalcy. I spent half of my preschool day free time reorganzing my closet to allow space for the new wardrobe I acquired on my latest shopping binge through Santa Barbara. I am sorry I didn't visit the site, annabellesays.com before I went, so I had a little more fashion research behind my purchases. She does a great job of documenting cute stuff in all price ranges. All in all, I think I did just fine, although I'm certain my husband can't agree as willingly since he's still in sticker shock from the amount I threw down in a mere 24 hours. Had I been in Vegas things might have turned out differently, for the better or more possibly, for the worse. I am pining for a few items I did not buy but wish I'd had the cash for. A brown enza costa skirt that was a casual masterpiece for $218. It's from her latest spring collection and I couldn't even find it online yet! If you want to see it, I highly recommend heading to Wendy Foster/Pierre LaFond's Boutique on State Street. Bring a small fortune because you'll want to buy everything in there! Everything. I also loved, but didn't need, a pair of unexpected sandals from Frye Boots. Sleek and sexy with a very padded sole (that managed to avoid looking like a Birkenstock), these came in a few styles and colors for a reasonable $88. Also at the Pierre LaFonde boutique but cheaper at fryeboots.com. Go to their new styles for women and you can't miss them! The last item was a C&C t-shirt smock with a round neckline for $78 (I liked it in black) that would have been a great and easy "go-to" for comfortable style over leggings or jeans. It had a perfect A-line cut with a wide band around the bottom. Cute. Here I am chatting away my newfound fashion sense and can hardly believe what I sound like. Who knew I had it in me!? Although, I must admit one of my favorite finds from this weekend was a last minute surprise at Nordstrom's BP where I bought an awesome Faux leather oversized bag perfect for a carry on or overnight luggage. $36!!!! It's a camel colored pleather with some brass buckles and handy pockets inside for organizing. Other favorites include a gorgeous little conservative coral sweater coat from Anthropologie with covered buttons in a loud vintage print that also lines the inside, $59(Sparrow). Awesome green leather flats by BC with a big green leather button over the peep toe and a smaller one on the side of the heel, $54. I like these even more since I realized the sole is rubber and very cushiony. Oh yeah, Anthropologie's chocolate brown hooded sweater I bought with wood buttons and some brown and white chintz fabric edging along the place where a zipper would be, around the hood and the pockets. Instead of zipping, it ties in front with a lime green ribbon. $99 by Sparrow, so comfy. Okay, I'm starting to sound like I write about fashion every day. Better go before this becomes a very expensive habit. I almost forgot I'm a stay at home mom who's usually on a budget and wears spit up as an everyday accessory. Rock on.

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