From Toddler to Teen

We were making the long drive to Paso Robles to visit our new nephew and meet John for lunch when I caught Shelby rubbing her eyes. "Hey pumpkin, you think you want your slinky blanket and try taking a nap on the way?" I mused. Being that my three year old traded in naps for "quiet time" about 6 months ago, I am graced with the pleasure of an actual afternoon nap from her about once a month. But I do try my best to revisit that blissful phase often, when possible. I saw my opening and crossed my fingers in hopes of enjoying an afternoon with a rested toddler. I could almost picture it...the smiles...the avoided tantrums...the happy giggling...She scrunched up her nose and stared out the window for a second while she pondered the proposition. Then she replied in her most teenager like voice, "No Deal, Mom." Only 9 years, 5 months and 6 days to go until she fully mutates into the dreaded "Adolescent Girl". It's moments like these that I am reminded just how quickly that day will arrive. Oh, dear.

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