Just Say Yes

The Story: I stood in the checkout line with a fussy baby in my arms, my purse slipping down my arm, (yes, my hair was once again in my face) making a half hearted attempt to unload my cart one-handed onto the conveyor belt. "Can I help you?" smiled a teen aged girl with electric purple hair and four facial piercings. She had come around from her post as bag girl near the register, to help me move items from Point Impossible to Barely Reachable. Phew, I'm so glad some people recognize how cumbersome motherhood can really be. "No thanks, that's okay. I got it." I heard myself reply. WHAT?! She stood there for a second with idle hands and her mouth ajar. I looked into the cart at the 57 more canned and boxed goods I still had to one hand out of the cart. Not to mention the 12 pack of beer on the bottom rack. We all know where that will lead. She stood there for a moment weighing her options: Should I stay and help or should I return to my post on the opposite end of the checkout stand and leave this helpless and no doubt, stupid, woman here to unload all her shit on by herself? I watched her reach into the cart as she said, "Well, I'm here, so I don't mind helping you anyway." I am such an idiot! When will I learn to accept help, to just say "Thanks" and allow someone to lend a helping hand?! It's like I have a genetic flaw that is labeled "Avoid Imposition At All Cost, You are not Worthy of Someone's Time". I would sooner crush someone's philanthropic effort before I ever got over the fact that I interrupted their personal agenda to do something for me. MORON!
The Moral: Listen, Pause, THINK, then accept the offer. Graciously. ALWAYS. When will I learn?

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