Reaching Out

Friendship is like crack. Once you have some, you just want more. I spent an enjoyable evening with girlfriends last night and am suffering the withdrawals today. Having a few kid free moments in the car this morning (Ana was there, but who's counting?) I dialed every name in my phone to chat it up and wound up leaving lonely messages on five thousand voice mails. "Hey, it's me, just had a spare moment and wanted to engage in some intellectual banter before I returned to my regular ass wiping duties where I discuss singing farm animals and apply wambaids. Would love to compare notes. Call me back!" Click.

How did this happen? I can drive my car every other day of the week without dialing for dialogue. I can tea party to the ABC's in a tiara all day long, perfectly content with my life, until I get a taste of the real world and suddenly this mommy mayhem doesn't seem so appealing. In fact, it is downright lonely on days like this. Thanks for today's theme song, Neil, "Sweet Caroline...Good Times Never Seemed So Good...."

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