Shout Out

This entry is dedicated to my friend, my promoter, my marketing agent, and my research manager. HOLLY, YOU ROCK. (You can kill me later for using your real name) Not only was it Holly that informed me of the opportunities awaiting frustrated writers like myself on the Internet, but she educated me on the ways of the blog, offered references like dooce.com, the 2008 BLOGGER AWARDS, and emailed me articles about blogging success form the New York Times. Thanks Holly. I hope to return the favor somehow, someday. Maybe that will be the 57% Commission of my gross income you negotiated in the contract I recently signed with you. Everybody needs a buddy. It helps that she's Don King's pale skinned crazy scientist step daughter, complete with a masters in trash talk and a very full head o' hair. Not to mention a bangin' sense of style, an acute appreciation for the mid afternoon cocktail hour, and a knack for driving a hard bargain. Without her, I'd be seeking more retail therapy and soul searching into the wee hours of the morning to find my life's calling. Coming soon to a ring near you, Holly Productions: Momma Says She'll Knock You Out. Thanks.


Hannah said...

Holly rocks!! Glad you gave her a shout out, she deserves it. What a great gal. And thanks to you for your blog - you rock too!

Anonymous said...

We (collectively speaking for the MULTITUDES and MASSES that have, are or should be reading your blog) all ENORMOUSLY appreciate the giggles,the 'right-on sistas',and the ohmigods that you bring to our screens everyday. Don't stop believing-you're destined for the bigtime. Love,H