Unavoidable Mobility

"Is Ana moving at all?" asked my mother-in-law, Nan, as she sat down on the sofa. She stopped by the house yesterday to deliver the usual grandma garb (really cool clothes in equally cool gift bags with stickers and bows, spoiling the girls to no end). She picked Ana up from her usual spot on the rug and slid her into the grandma hug hold. Ever since Ana mastered sitting (has it already been a month?), I have enjoyed being able to place her on the floor where she can swivel around from toy to toy and entertain herself. I completely forgot about tummy time. Before I could protest, Nan placed her on the floor, tummy first. To my great surprise, like a new born foal finding her walking legs, Ana assumed the crawl position and began to rock. Then she slid onto her belly and pushed herself backward until she had traversed half the rug! My jaw dropped, my heart swelled, and then sank at the thought of all the baby proofing that loomed ahead. "Oh, no!" I heard myself exclaim (Mother of The Year Award for that one). I guess the inevitable mobility of my second child has arrived. Holy Hell. Break out the outlet plugs and cabinet locks. Here we go.

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Anonymous said...

yipee...Summer needs company in her mobile world, now you have a little baby swifter too! Bring on the dirty tummies and good luck keeping the dog hair out of her mouth:)