Coffee Please

Life as I know it is over. It's been one week since John's side business has required attention and I am alone. A LOT. The darned thing isn't even up and running yet and I am already lamenting the imbalance it has created in MY life. It started with the morning coffee. There isn't any, because my barista now silently slips out in the wee hours of the dark morning, leaving not so much as a sound, or a friggin drip of freshly brewed coffee. Judging by the mop of lawn in my yard, the barista ran off with my gardener, too. So each morning I drag myself out of bed to the sound of my alarm clock, "MoMMMMMMEEEEEEE!", pour myself a mug of cold tap water, change a dirty diaper, answer the inevitable question, "But where did daddy go?", and stare out at my overgrown lawn. This new business should be called Chronic Solitude. More complaints to come.

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