Dirt and Dress Slacks

I was plodding away on the treadmill at the gym this morning when a thought occurred to me. The human race has worked so hard to develop technology that eliminates physical labor. The pioneers of this country spent their lives working out for survival, for travel, for food. I looked around at all these people running in place, like hamsters on the wheel, and pictured them sitting at their cubicles in front of a computer. Wouldn't it be funny if gym exercise emulated historical daily routines? You know, you roll in to the gym for your 10 minute cardio warm-up, which is a pen full of chickens to chase around for tonight's main course. Then you swing an axe for 10 minutes, chopping wood while simultaneously strengthening your core and working your hamstrings. I'd love to see that lady with all the makeup and the fake boobs drag her mule and plow through the dirt for "Power Pull Class". So all these people come to the gym to workout so they don't crease their starched shirts and pressed slacks. I suppose I'm one of them, sitting at the computer after an hour at the gym (in my pants suit and heels, of course).

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