A New Daddy

I recounted my morning conversation when we arrived home today to John. We had spent the day jockeying between the park and the hospital while John had outpatient ear surgery that took three times longer than expected. He lounged on the sofa while I explained how we toured the hospital after he checked in, discussing wheelie beds, the yummy juice they put in your veins (I.V.), and why hop skipping through the hallways with our clip clop heels is unacceptable. Then I told Shelby how we were leaving daddy here at the hospital until we could pick him up later.
"But are we going to get a new daddy?" she had inquired.
"No, we're not getting a new daddy, just an improved one."
Seated on the sofa at home, John was groggy and sore and and trying hard to make sense of things from his Vicodin cloud. The living room teemed with hyperactivity, the 4 o'clock stretch had begun. Shelby was in schizophrenic mode, wildly switching from chatty playful self to Queen Evil Screamer. Ana was mildly entertained while venting frustration at a moderate rolling boil.
John opened with, "Hey, Shel, did you want a new daddy from the hospital today?"
(Oh yeah, set yourself up, why doncha?)
She laid her arm across his chest and sweetly replied, "Yeeaahh."
"Why do you want a new daddy?"
"Well, you just don't have much hair...(sensing his disappointment) BUT, I could just have two daddies!"
(Spoken like my true offspring: Open mouth, insert foot.)

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JO said...

She is really hung up on his hair! I love the thought of her reading this when she is about 15..."I never said that!" Poor John...I hope his ear recovery is super fast!