Poly Dollies

I drive to the local college campus every week to pick up our Organic Veggies. I've begun to dread the visit. Not because the kids love the campus chicken coop or driving past the Rodeo Arena. Because every time I drive onto that campus I'm dragged farther down memory lane. I'm safely cruising through campus with two kids in the minivan when all of a sudden I notice a carefree, tight bunned 19 year old bopping down the lane rocking the latest trend. She's obviously focused on plans for tonight's keg party, what she'll snag at the health food store for lunch, and when she should call that guy back about the formal. I glimpse the remnants of my hot sun tanned boyfriend (now my stressed hubby) in the young surfer waiting for her on the next block. Where did the last ten years go? Wasn't that girl me? And where the hell did these kids come from??? Oh my god, I have got to stop driving around college campuses.

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