Queen For The Day

What is it about Mother's Day that spurs my repugnance for all things motherly? I opt out of diaper duty. I refuse to cook. I decline bathroom assistance to my toddler. I leave the house alone and return late and unapologetic.
For all you hot mommas out there, I encourage you to shirk your mommy responsibilities and spend the day celebrating you. Here's to pedicures, mid morning champagne, french pastries, and Thai food take-out. And thank your hubby for stepping in as mommy for the day (Thanks, John).
P.S. Here are the gifts I received for Mother's Day:
Flowers from...my sister, of course.

Ana's first tooth! A family tradition on Mother's Day.
Happy feet!


JO said...

WOW! Shelby totally looks like John in the picture at the top of the page! And yes, I agree with you on Mother's day...I was holding my youngest and could feel that he was starting to pee on me (which is a normal occurance these days and a story for another time...)"NOT TODAY" I exclaimed and handed the wet baby off to my hubby for a baby wardrobe change. I will not be peed on on mother's day.

Gabrielle said...

I had to go back and really give that pic a good stare down to see John's face! It is pretty hilarious! Thanks for pointing out that my first child is the spitting image of my hubby. I've already accepted that my second child is the mini me of her cousin Bray. I should just have a third baby to make sure that some of my traits remain in the family lineage! Thanks, really. G

JO said...

Yeah, none of my kids look like me either! Dominate genes my ass! Shelby does not always look like John, I think she is a good combo of both of you...but in that picture..to me, I don't know! I am not sure the third kid is worth it..at least for me. I am just going to accept what I have at this point and if my kids are blond, then I am sure somewhere down the line the dark hair will come back to me someday..."wasn't great-great-great-grandma JO dark haired?"