Random Thoughts

"Mommy, I'm fat. Hannah says I'm fat." My 3 year old has been repeating this all morning. Every time I start to reply, I can't come up with a descent response that circumvents a larger issue (who's fat? who's skinny?). I finally distracted her with playdough.

So, I finally hired a house cleaner. She's coming tomorrow morning. I should be wallowing in my own filth right now, drinking a margarita and piling dirty dishes up in the sink. Instead, I'm folding laundry and cleaning the kitchen. Go figure.

I can no longer relate to college aged women. I am that old. I am 10 years older than those perky, partying, potty-mouthed post teens and I just don't jive with 'em anymore...especially when somehow one lands in my living room after a party at 11 pm and forgets her "Inside Voice". Don't ask.

I was at the gym this morning at 5:15 am. That is crazy.


JO said...

Stupid mean kids at pre-school!! That makes me want to call Hannah's mom. Yes, and welcome to your 30's...my current mid-30's concern, how to dress without looking like I am trying to dress too young, and not dressing like an old-lady...where is the middle ground that is not consistently in jeans and a t-shirt!

Gabrielle said...

No kidding. My mid 30's concerns include the "breast flap", appreciating old people b/c I'm halfway there, jelly butt, and avoiding situations that require interaction with college kids. G