The Sharpest Tool

Stupid things I've done lately:

Channeled my inner kid and slid down the 3 story tube slide at Del Mar Park...I waved to my kids, tucked my arms and flew down the chute. It was awesome! Until I reached the end at mach speed, cleared the slide and landed flat on my back in the dirt. Rough landing in white sweatshirt.

Packed up the kids in the car to run errands, ran back in the house to grab the last of my supplies and clipped a nasty hang nail in the process. Somewhere between the bank and the park I noticed my hang nail. I clipped the wrong finger.

Bought some fabulous oil cloth at the local fabric store and a swath of peuce green material intended for a table runner for tonight's dinner party. I arrived home to decorate with my newest purchases only to recall my fabric being last seen on the hood of my car. Oh S$@! I loaded the girls back in the car and screeched around town madly searching the gutters for a pile of green and white fabric. I banged on the owner's CLOSED sign and begged for her to open up with news of a recovered package to no avail. I turned down the corners of my mouth, cranked up some Indigo Girls and wailed all the way home.

There have been signs of intellectual life in there, too. Take this moment for example, right now, while I'm typing to you, BOTH kids are napping! At the same time! For the second day in a row.

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