Sleepless Nights

May I just say that my last post was written before I actually considered my job requirements the following day? I slept all of 3 hours that night and not for lack of trying! I laid in bed for nearly 5 hours obsessing over the redesign of my bathroom and conspiring how to spin straw into gold. I kept arriving at the same conclusion-we are broke, Rumpelstiltskin is busy, and your first born child is going to be awake any minute. GO TO SLEEP!
Today, not only am I a member of The Living Dead, but I'm coming down with a cold, my breastfeeding days have come to a close therefore spurring the arrival of Aunt Flo (and the swelling of my butt), Shelby has a fever and, big surprise, John is at work-again. Pour me a cup of caffeine, (teeth chattering) P-P-PLEEEAASSSE!

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