What Happenned?

Yesterday afternoon disappeared. And so did my parenting routine. It started with the grandparents coming over to babysit. Upon my return we visited over a beer. Which turned into discussion and debate. My neighbor popped in to say hello. John called to say he was running late. Wine was opened, mac n' cheese appeared for the kids. Grandparents left and the neighbor remained. I neatly circumvented the meal I intended to make. We chatted away while Shelby danced to The Little Mermaid and Ana squealed with delight in her high chair.
When John arrived, the scene was less than normal. An empty bottle of wine. The remains of our meal...crackers, cheese, and animal cookies. The neighbor handed Ana over and said her goodbyes. Shelby had passed out on the living room rug dressed in a pink tutu. Ana was covered in peaches from the waist up and madly clapping away.
"Hi, honey, how was your day? Dinner? What dinner?"

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