I took the kids up to The Lake for the past few days and camped out at my parents' "Cabinet". The cabin overlooks the water and is exactly as it sounds, VERY SMALL. John joined us after work each night for dinner, followed by enjoyably sleepless nights in our tent, on a semi inflated air mattress with two snotty nosed & phlegm harking kiddos. Why do they always get sick the day we arrive somewhere fun?
Our days were filled with water, mud, and sun. I painstakingly applied and reapplied sunscreen, tightened their hats, and coated them in bug spray to ward off ravenous mosquitoes (No doubt forgetting myself who is now suffering third degree sunburns in all the obvious places alongside several nasty bug bites, scratch scratch!) . My mom, Gigi, assumed the position of Life Jacket Enforcer on the dock, diaper changer, chef, and playmate to the girls when up at the Cabinet. Not to downplay my dad's efforts, Grandpa was the Royal Assembler of All Things Inflatable, as well as the Official book reader, motor boat driver, and Master Kayak Captain for Shelby. Needless to say, the kids were well taken care of at The Cabinet.
I indulged in all the grandparent help. The grand finale was the night Gigi offered to keep one kid in the cabinet so we didn't have to wake up all night. Really? Are you serious? OKAY! We elected to hand over our second born, teething, congested Bundle O' Joy, goodbye! Byebye!..... Auggh, glorious sleep!
Dragging and puffy eyed, Gigi offered her morning after feedback: "I forgot what mothering was all about. I don't know how you do it."

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