Beach Buddies

I think I may have accidentally made a friend. Not just a girlfriend, but a whole family entendre friendship. And I'm rather indecisive about the issue thus far. Sure, it's a normal family who's active and fun but I'm sure they already have a circle of friends here in town that take up their available social time. Okay, so our daughters are the exact same age and are in the same preschool class. Yeah the dads surfed together and the mom is about the most normal, enthusiastic, super amped on life person I've encountered around here in the last two years. But a little part of me wants to retreat, head for the hills, back to Paso where "my friends are". Sometimes I reference "My good friends back in Paso" and I feel like that snooty new girl in school who thinks she's too cool for everyone when really, she just hasn't accepted the fact that she's stuck here with this new class and eventually, being too cool = lonerville.
I have my fist clenched around the perfection that is "My Paso Friends" so tightly I can't open up and greet anyone new. The moment I gave birth I witnessed the greatest disappearance of free time. Because that's what happens when you accept your role as a parent, you are no longer a person but an appendage to your children. An entertainer, a chef, an educator, an everything and the job requirement is so great that in order to just attempt mediocrity at your job, you have to dedicate every last second of your free time to your children (and the minuscule iotas that pass like comets, to your marriage). So there you have it, exceptional parents are hermits!
But the rest of us (the pretty good parents) need some friends, and new friends might not be that bad. Right?

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