I live in a ghost town. When John and I bought our little beach bungalow, the neighbors all gushed with joy at how we "completed the family feel" on the street. They explained how it had been so empty a few years ago but recently three young families had either moved in or had a baby (we did both). Winter nights the streets were filled with Christmas lights and inflatable snowmen. Hot days were spent riding bikes around the neighborhood and popping in for a beer at the neighbor's. Kids could be seen in every other front yard playing hopscotch, jumping rope. It all came to a crashing halt yesterday. I don't know how my Bad Karma could have come around so quickly but by the end of the day, I felt like "The Last Man Standing". I suppose all this vacancy began around Thanksgiving when our neighbor committed suicide. Yes, I said our neighbor committed suicide-TEN FEET from our bedroom. See http://culturednativity.blogspot.com/2008/01/best-of-2007-downer-drama.html to recap this depressing moment. That left us and the two single old ladies (85 and 92) in the two other homes on our side of the street. Well, come February they were both carted off to "The Home" within weeks of each other. We weren't totally alone just yet, 2 out of 3 houses across from us are still teeming with life. Then, last month, Chatty Cathy and her fireman across the street found a better deal a few blocks down and packed up in the night. At least my friend across the street, Martha Stewart's double, isn't packing up her coffee pot anytime soon. For God's sakes, the woman has FIVE kids, she wouldn't be crazy enough to pack up all those bodies and move, right? WRONG! I got that news yesterday.
Bartender, make it a double.
So, it looks like we're the only ones left around here. Did I forget to mention that the other 3 kid family on the next block down packed up their U-Haul last week and carted the whole fandamily to Idaho (I know, what WERE they thinking???). Okay, so it really is just me and my family and a whole lotta empty houses.
Anybody interested in moving into my neighborhood? We could use some life around here.


Hannah said...

I want to move to your neighborhood! You guys need a Vine there??

JO said...

Ooohhh...isn't that also your baby sitter?!? That sucks. I know of a nice 1700 square foot house that's on the market with a potentially nice backyard and access to a pool...(wink, wink!)

Gabrielle said...

Thanks for the comments! I'm not sure what I'd do with all that space, JO. Not to mention the view!!! I couldn't imagine how many times you'd catch me skinny dipping in your pool after hours. Dangerous...
And Hannah, we'd love to have you over here with your brood of boys! Come stay! And seriously, there are A LOT of homes for sale around us. What's a VINE? I'm obviously outta the loop!
Oh yeah, for the record, Martha IS taking her coffee pot AND my bloody babysitter with her. That BITCH!