The Good & Bad Of It

If given the choice between a multitude of mediocrity and a sliver of greatness, which would you choose?
Actually, this is an impossible proposition because in mommy world, greatness arrives on the coattails of evil wrongdoing. Always.
Take this afternoon, for example, after driving my children to swimming lessons (greatness), I sacrificed their happiness for that of my nephew. The girls wanted to go home, but we needed a gift for the birthday boy's party tomorrow. Great Aunt! Evil Mommy. Crying children are thankfully consoled by fairy headdresses and light up rattles. Good Mommy, Bad Parent. We arrived home late for a meeting with the landscaper. I tuned the girls into a movie and stepped into the backyard to discuss our "Dreamscape" (Vanna White hand motions). Good General Contractor, Bad Mommy. My new friend arrived for a mommy cocktail hour, I mean "Playdate", at 4:00. I ignored the dishes and the dinner and sipped my cocktail while chatting up the latest gossip well past bath time. Great friend, Bad Housekeeper, Evil Wife, Bad Mommy.

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