Obscure Knowledge

Here are a few things you may not know about me.
I am a chain dial-a-friend driver...yes, even with the kids in the car.
I don't eat chicken wings. Not a wing girl.
I wish I read more often than I actually do.
I own one fabulous wool coat. It's Leprechaun Green.
My primary marital goal in life is to laugh with my husband. Often and with eye contact.
I prefer my breakfast cereal with diced apples in it, little teeny tiny apple chunks.
Crying for no good reason is perfectly normal in my world.
So are cocktails. For no good reason.
I forget I'm old, regularly.
I'm deathly afraid of the circular escalators in the SF Macy's at Union Square.
I drink decaf coffee, usually.
I want to move my family out of the country for a few years (but continue blogging, of course).
I had pretty bad taste in clothes for the better half of my life.
I get seasick but I love the water.
I still obsessively read obituaries.
I actually believed my parents when they said they did not have premarital sex (So gullible!).
Touching raw hamburger makes me gag.
Reincarnated, I would like to channel Oprah's successfulness, Annie Lenox's voice, and look like Gisele Bundchen. Maybe I should just settle for Superwoman.
I physically swell with pride when I watch my daughters being my daughters.

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